Bousing 5 mo. we've all heard of high school graduation

We're under attack

Here are some of the common myths that I discovered before I went to university, and that's what really

The Professor doesn't care. You're just a number

We all heard the phrase, "You're just a number." Secondary school teachers often create an archetype

You will never get a job with Arts Degrees

Do you have any degree in such areas as English or fine art? If so, prepare yourself for many years of unemployment or career growth

Most of us have heard it at some point or another, but when you get a job, it doesn't depend on the type of degree you have, but how you store your skills, what type of person you are, your work ethics and disk among many other points. As English literature, the development of your ability to read novels and analyze poetry will most likely not forget you in a marketing company in this corporate firm. Nevertheless, we encourage your strong written and oral communication skills, your innovative thinking and the ability to attract and attract clients. Therefore, do not be afraid to pursue their interests in fear of your future employment prospects. Do what you love, and the money will follow

Prepare for the Diet Strictly Composed of Processed Nobles and Powdered Cheese

Just because you're a student doesn't mean you'll be the patrons who eat macaroni, cheese and fruit for every dish this week. Of course, going to school, especially away from home, may be expensive, but it's possible. A combination of State aid

University Will Destroy Your Creativity

A teacher in high school once advised me never to express my opinion or to be creative in the paper during my degree. Why do you ask? Obviously, students don't know anything about anything, so we don't have to try to form original ideas. Huh. Instead, we should simply turn the ideas of respected scientists

In fact, the professors encourage creativity and encourage what they call "critical thinking" at the university. Shocking, right? My teachers really want to know that we, as students, are up to this. One professor even prohibited us from using or even looking at secondary sources for our essays. Thus, you must be creative and express your own original thoughts, using the opinions of scientists only to support and add to your argument confidence

Confirm that you won't have enough time to complete your testimony

Before I went to the university, I wasn't encouraged to do all the readings, because I wouldn't have time

Although this is fair to some extent, it does not give you permission to use a lack of time as a pretext for absences. Naive as I did, I thought I would have no time to complete all my testimony on my way to the Greek civilization, and used it as a tool to avoid reading the required texts. In fact, I had time to read 95% of the course material-mine

At the end, despite the fact that you will probably take part in the work with warnings and words of advice, take it with the granola of salt. If you work hard and stay focused, you will succeed. I promise the university won't be as scary as the others

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