How to not get the screwed over by a bad landlord

You don't have to ask for a long time to hear the rather disturbing stories about the student students. When we don't know, it's easy to get to the corner and sign the outrageous lease agreements or to fulfill the dishonest requirements that should not be requested by the lessor

But don't be afraid, this article is intended for you not to be sent in a dirty e-mail, petty, threatening, bad situation with bad homeowners

Seriously. That's it. Yes, I do

With this word, only because something is written in the lease does not mean that it is legally binding. Things like night visitors, domestic animals, shortening, interest, and extension dates may be in the lease that you signed, but that doesn't mean you're bound by the law

After you've signed, make sure that you have a copy-that ensures that you can go back and see what you've agreed to if you have a problem

Run Thorough Walkthrough

To take a stroll with your landlord on the first day is of the utmost importance that you both be present to take note of any existing damage. Bring your smartphone along with the photos so you think they can accuse you, and make sure they recorded any initial damage. It's always a little awkward to celebrate everything that was wrong before you move, but it's good to have it in the record in case you have everything on the wall in the wall that was on you

Look at your master

The lords are asking us for exile, but we will never look for them. If you can talk to the previous tenants, do it. If they had a good relationship with their last tenants, they could have received them by e-mail or telephone on your request. If the unit is close to your supermarket, you may need to ask a little question who lived in this place before. Talk to the neighbors. See if they've encountered any problems with the landlord. If you move to a large apartment building, Google's quick search for a quick search can make a good (or good) search for the worst! control checks. Some express studies will definitely pay off

They have to be fast

One day I drove three weeks without heat in February, because our oven broke. My landlord went on vacation without notice. This experience has taught me to always provide contact information to my landlord and to the contact person if something goes wrong until they are gone. Most homeowners will fix everything at once (after all, the evil tenants are not usually what they want), but only if you can get them

Find out your rights (Tenant)

While you are on the website of the tenant's rights, making some reading, you can use the section that describes when your landlord can raise the rent (and how much) when they can enter your department (usually they should notify 24 hours), ask you to sign a new lease and evict you for your own reasons (e.g., repair or sale of the house)

It is also very important to keep copies of everything. Keep the checks, watch the dates so you know that you've implemented the recommendations for the provinces, and make sure that important messages are officially recorded. If you ever need to contact the tenant's board, you'll have a very strong case

Like everything, there are two sides in the coin. While some homeowners are ridiculous, there may be other problems related to the uncontrollable side of our side. Or it matches what was signed. If you signed a lease agreement that says that domestic animals are not allowed, because your master is not allergic, "Frank" is no exception. Similarly, if you signed a lease for the whole year, without assuming that your landlord would love him when you try to bail in six months

When moving, it is important to note that your landlord can find someone else to complete the kit. The duration of the official notification depends on how long you have lived there, but usually it is 60 days

Another dangerous lessee is that you are now separate as rare and very greedy after them. If you pay rent on time and don't cause problems, your landlord probably knows how lucky you are. The excess of rent increases with the proposal to subscribe to another year. Your landlord is likely to support a reliable tenant from the new brand. Even if they say "no" to your proposal, you have a choice to accept an increase in rent or leave this moment

While there is a frightening high number of malformed landlords, they exist

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Hilary Hoogsteen is a third-year environmental student at Simon Fraser University. She uses all the advantages of the natural playground of BC, spending these terrible winter months on snowboarding and summer on the beach